Fountain of Immortality

The Divine Liturgy is the beating heart of the life of the Church. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist and our partaking of the precious Body and Blood our of Lord Jesus Christ is the culmination of our life in Christ and the most powerful foretaste of the Kingdom of God which we can experience in this earthly life. At every celebration of the Divine Liturgy we literally have the opportunity to stand in the choir of the Saints, to be in the presence of the Angelic Orders, and most importantly, to meet our Lord in the flesh and even dare to partake of Him. For many centuries, if someone was to miss more than three of these Eucharistic celebrations without good cause he would be cut off from the body of believers. This fact communicates to us, amidst the busyness of our modern lives, the incredible sense of our belonging to a different world, a different kingdom –the Kingdom of God. It is this reality that must begin to shape the everyday content of our lives. If we truly believe that our Lord comes to meet us in His very Body and Blood at every Liturgy, are we really going to miss Him because of a few worldly distractions or scheduling difficulties? Instead let’s hear the words of our Lord, “Martha, Martha… There is one thing needful.” And let us come to Him.

In our new life as a full-time parish here at St. Herman’s, as we try to become people who live in and for the Divine Liturgy, I want to share a little film with you which speaks of the mystery of Liturgy as it was known, lived and celebrated by the saints of our Church. The Fountain of Immortality was filmed in a Russian Orthodox Church here in the States and includes some beautiful particularities of the Russian liturgical style. Enjoy!


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