Fr. Alexis trader on Turning to Christ in the midst of Trials

By Fr. Alexis Trader


In Andrew A. Lubusko’s 2006 dissertation on self-control and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, he notes that fatigue, emotional stress, and cognitive overload are primary factors in self-control failure. When we are tired, we become less aware of ourselves and what we are doing. When we are anxious, we are too worried about the future to be concerned with controlling ourselves in the present. When we are depressed, we are often so wrapped up in our past failures that present goals, such as self-control, seem pointless. And when we are thinking about solving this issue or that, how can we have mental energy left over to solve the problem of ourselves in the present moment. Clearly, being tired, upset, and distracted are psychological states that make continued self-control in the face of temptations difficult and perhaps in the long run impossible. And in contemporary life, such conditions are almost our default state, an unavoidable part of the fabric of human life. So what are we to do when we desire self-control, but find ourselves too tired, too anxious, too depressed, or too overwhelmed to control anything, much less ourselves?

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Fr. Philippe Péneaud and the Renewal of Sacred Art in the West

visite-roisBy Jonathan Pageau

Fr. Philippe Péneaud is a priest for the Antiochian Orthodox Church and a prolific woodcarver living in the South of France. Having studied in the great tradition of European woodcarving with Raymond Labeyrie, he converted to Orthodoxy in the 1980s under the influence of Leonid Ouspensky’s “Theology of The Icon” as well as through the works of others from the Paris School: Lossky, Clement, Schmeman, Meyendorff.  In a desire to use his woodcarving skill in service of his faith, he dedicated himself to renewing the visual language of Romanesque iconography. Living near Toulouse, he could access many treasures of ancient carving including the famous Cathedral of St-Sernin where Romanesque jewels still stand.

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