Healing Earth – Orthodox Christian Perspectives on Ecology and Climate Change

creation-icon“Spiritual ecology calls us to dismantle the powerful defense mechanisms we have developed against our impulse to listen to the sacred in our world. Awe and mystery are so vital to the human experience of the natural world that without them we are doomed to treat nature as little more than a resource, a science or a playground for recreation alone.”

Kaleeg Hainsworth (An Altar in the Wilderness)

Conference Themes Include:

Discovering God’s presence in all cultures

Discovering God through Beauty

Listening to creation – Christ as revealed through creation.

Discovering the voice of nature

Seeing nature through the timeless wisdom of the elders

Faith and hope in the age of Climate Change

Resource conservation and the Christian faith

Love as the guiding principal for all change and adaptation

Rewilding the heart


The Conference is to be held at the Alexandra Hall at the Museum of History and Train Museum in Cranbrook B.C. (57 Van Horne St.) Oct 13 – 15 2016

Please see here for a full brochure on the conference.