Orthodox Resources

A note to the attentive reader: not all of the opinions or statements you may encounter on these sites are necessarily in conformity with the praxis and teaching of the Church. If a question arises, please contact Fr. Daniel or your local priest –this is the best context in which to explore your own theological questions and concerns.

Orthodox Christian Worldview and Praxis


Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

Pemptousia – Wisdom from Mount Athos

Orthodox Christian Information Center


Orthodoxy Today

Ancient Faith

Lives of the Saints – OCA

Saints and Patristics – GOA


Publishers and Online Resources for Learning

Patristic Nectar

Mount Thabor Publishing

Uncut Mountain Press

St. Sebastian Press

St. Tikhon’s Press

St. Herman’s Press

Holy Trinity Monastery – Jordanville

Ancient Faith Publishing

Light and Life Publishing

New Rome Press

Holy Cross Bookstore

Online Marketplace

St. Paisius Monastery

Holy Cross Hermitage

New World Byzantine Studios

Orthodox Incense

Uncut Mountain Supply

St. Isaac Skete

Orthodox Marketplace GOA 

Archangel Books

Gallery Byzantium 

Orthodox Art and Culture

Orthodox Arts Journal

Orthodox Information Center Gallery


Orthodox Photos

Pravoslavie Photogallery